Bastia (French Island)

Bastia (French Island)

Bastia (French Island)

This is one of the most beautiful cities in Corsica. Italian city by its origins, it kept the choir and the Citadel.

Between the old neighborhood of Terra Vecchia, founded in 1380, and the Terra Nova started a century later, sits the Genoese domination. Yet sometimes Bastia Neapolitan accents with its cracked houses, wrought iron balconies and facades where blithely floating multicolored linen garlands.

You can visit Bastia as a tourist: the Saint-Nicolas on which you can stroll, before sitting down at a café terrace, the Romieu Garden by which you could reache the Citadel, the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of the Sea, churches and chapels generous décor. Bastia has several religious sights, including an Assumption engraved silver due to a Sienese artist of the seventeenth century and the Black Christ of the Holy Cross Church, found floating on the waters between four wonderful lights.

It is celebrated on May 3, the feast of the intervention of the Holy Cross, and the statue is carried at the head of a procession through the streets of the city.

But the beauty of Bastia, mysterious town for the one who is not resident there, not in the marbles and golds of its churches. It is in these houses with closed shutters but with half-opened blinds. We must walk and get lost in the narrow streets to discover.


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