Our program includes :

The Concerts of blues on board + The private Sessions + Opening party evening in Marseille.

Marseilles – Full day of the sea – Naples (Italy) – Roma (Italy) – Bastia (French Island) – Marseilles

Day 1 : August 27 – Boarding from Marseilles at 5:00 PM
Day 2 : August 28 – Full day off the sea
Day 3 : August 29 – from 08h00 AM to 18h00 PM in Naples
Day 4 : August 30 – from 08h00 AM to 19h00 PM in Rome
Day 5 : August 31 – from 07h00 AM to 15h00 PM in Bastia ( French island )
Day 6 : September 01 – Arrival in MARSEILLE at 09:00 AM end of the European Blues Cruise 2016

Marseille Marseille is a city in the south-east of France and more Mediterranean. It was founded around 600 BC by Greek sailors from Phocaea in Asia Minor, which earned him even today the name “Southern City”. The city has many advantages: the sea, the sun, nature and culture. Accessibility and friendly locals are also strong values ​​that Marseille is proud…

Office du tourisme:

Romantic Naples, two hours south of Rome, is the largest city in southern Italy. Featuring some of the world’s best opera houses and theaters, it is often called an open air museum because of its many historic statues and monuments. Join families strolling along the Bay of Naples. Discover the product of the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum, destroyed in…

It is well known, all roads lead to Rome … a path indicative of a trip to Italy. Nowhere 28 centuries of history are also present in a city. Lover of beautiful stones, this city is for you! Rome is truly an open air museum, a city that has preserved an architectural homogeneity. The ancient temples and amphitheatres (some surprisingly…

This is one of the most beautiful cities in Corsica. Italian city by its origins, it kept the choir and the Citadel. Between the old neighborhood of Terra Vecchia, founded in 1380, and the Terra Nova started a century later, sits the Genoese domination. Yet sometimes Bastia Neapolitan accents with its cracked houses, wrought iron balconies and facades where blithely…